What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a series of probing, thought provoking and dynamic conversations and activities guided by your coach that support you in identifying and making the changes to achieve the life you dream of. Whether you just have a sense of knowing that you want to make changes, but unsure what needs to change, or you have a very clear idea of what you want to change, but you're unsure how - Life Coaching helps you to make those changes positively, quickly and with amazing results. Dynamic, positive and inspirational, the Life Spaces Life Coaching Approach helps you achieve and exceed your goals and 'live the dream'.

How will coaching help me?

  • Helps you identify areas for change
  • Helps you to set clear and achievable goals for yourself
  • Supports you to make a plan to implement change quickly and effectively
  • Challenges your limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • Brings out the best in you and your life

How many sessions will I need?

Life Coaching is a process of change that takes place over a number of sessions. In order to achieve the ultimate results it is important that you commit to the course, therefore we offer coaching programmes in blocks of 4 sessions, usually spread across 4 weeks - having one session per week ensures that you stay on track and motivated in order to see results fast. After 4 sessions you have the option to schedule further sessions to ensure you stay on track and maximise your results.

Life Coaching Options

Life Spaces Life Coaching is offered in a range of formats to suit your needs and preferences. No one method is necessarily better than another; it simply depends on how you wish to interact with your coach.

Complete Coaching Programme:

Now that you have decided to make those changes in your life, you have committed to a path of change. In order to reflect your commitment, Life Spaces has developed a programme of sessions to enable you to quickly and easily work towards achieving your goals.

Face to Face coaching:

Face to Face coaching is where you meet in person with your coach for your coaching sessions. Sessions are usually held in the comfort of the practise premises where the coach will have to hand a range of tools and activities to support you in your sessions. Alternatively sessions can be held at any suitable mutually convenient location- you may prefer to meet over a coffee for example. The first session will be around 1.5 hours to allow time for a full consultation to understand your needs. Subsequent sessions are usually around an hour and will be held on a weekly - fortnightly basis in the first instance.

Telephone Coaching:

If you are unable to meet in person due to travel difficulties or distance, telephone coaching may be an option for you. The session takes place at a pre-arranged time, with the coach calling you. The first session again is around 1.5 hours, allowing for the full consultation, followed by subsequent sessions of an hour. Telephone coaching is popular with clients who live some distance from the practise or for those who prefer to cut out the travelling time / expense.

Email Coaching:

Email coaching takes place through the exchange of a set number of emails between client and coach. After the initial telephone or email consultation, the client emails the coach at set intervals and the coach responds by email within a set time frame. This is ideal for people who may prefer to write down their thoughts or have time to consider the issues that they wish to raise. Of course email coaching is available to anyone, anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection and are competent with the use of a keyboard. Perhaps you would choose to arrive at work early and fit a coaching session into your normal working day?

Internet Messenger:

Instant messaging technique using an internet based messenger service. This of course needs you to have an internet connection and be competent in the use of the technology. Ideal for those who prefer a virtual method of interaction, but with more speed and fluidity than the email option. Again the initial consultation lasts for 1.5 hours and subsequent sessions for 1 hour at pre-arranged times to suit.

Packages & Pricing

Face to Face:

Initial session including consultations @ 1.5 hours + 3 x 1 hour sessions £249

Telephone sessions:

Initial session including consultation @1.5 hours + 3 x 45 minute sessions £225


Initial consultation email & response + 3 follow up emails and responses £150

Internet Messenger:

Initial session including consultation @ 1.5 hours + 3 sessions @ 45 minutes + 1 x email and response £195

Hypno Coaching:

As the name suggests, Hypno Coaching is a combination of life coaching and hypnotherapy - a unique approach in achieving the ultimate results for you. Using a combination of complementary techniques from the disciplines of coaching and hypnotherapy, Hypno Coaching works on both a practical and emotional and mental level in not only preparing you for your new life changes but ensuring that you achieve them and enjoy them.

Hypno coaching begins with a full consultation to establish your goals and identify the most appropriate support for you. Then you will get to experience the amazing feeling of relaxation with a hypnotherapy session (see hypnotherapy pages for more details) to build your confidence and readiness for change. The following week will involve a coaching session and so forth, alternating between coaching and hypnotherapy as necessary.

The hypno-coaching programme comprises of 3 hypnotherapy sessions and 3 coaching sessions. The sessions can be spread over 4 - 12 weeks as appropriate.

Hypno Coaching Package Price:

3 x 1 hour hypnotherapy sessions + 3 x 1 hour Life Coaching sessions = £395