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Our luxurious and restorative therapies invigorate the sense and soothe the mind, leaving you rested, relaxed, pampered and refreshed.


Based on ancient holistic principles, reflexology is a healing art working on reflex points on the feet that reflect the organs and energy channels of the body. This treatment helps reduce the effects of stress on the body, with gentle pressure and massage applied to areas of tension, congestion and imbalance to improve circulation, relaxing the nervous system and promoting well-being.

30 minutes £20

60 minutes £35

90 minutes £45

Hopi Ear Candles

Originating from ancient practices, ear candles have been used for many years to help relieve symptoms of a wide variety of ear disorders such as allergies, congestion, sinus pressure, earache and tinnitus. Hand-made with the finest organic linen and 100% natural beeswax, when lit, the ear candles help generate a light suction effect within the ear canal, which in turn provides a gentle massage on the eardrum. The overall effect is that of warmth, comfort and well-being, offering a gentle alternative to the conventional ear-syringe treatment. The treatment can be completed with an aromatic facial massage to alleviate sinus and nasal congestion, headaches and skin problems and a head massage.

Just Candles 35 minutes £20

Candles and facial massage 60 minutes £35

Candles and facial treatment 60 minutes £35

Candles and head, neck and shoulder massage 90 minutes £45

Indian Head Massage

An extremely relaxing massage technique originally used in the traditional Indian way of life, working on the upper body to relieve scalp, neck and shoulder tension. Includes a relaxing neck and shoulder massage followed by a reviving scalp massage to improve circulation and dispel stress. The treatment is finished with a soothing face massage using pressure points and drainage techniques to erase headaches and sinus problems.

Full Indian Head Massage, including head, neck and shoulders, 60 minutes £30

Mini Indian Head Massage, head only 30 minutes £20

Indian Head Massage with facial treatment 90 minutes £45

Swedish Massage

Traditional massage movements will ease away all aches and pains. A wonderfully deep massage for tired, overworked muscles, which thoroughly relaxes you and leaves your mind and body refreshed and re-energized. Your therapist will tailor the treatment to suit your individual requirements.

Full body massage 55 minutes £30

Back, neck and shoulders 30 minutes £20

Upper body 45 minutes £25

Lower body 45 minutes £25

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

This treatment concentrates on the back, neck and shoulders, which is an area prone to muscular tension, aches and pains. The treatment is adapted to suit your individual concerns, whether you need deep muscular work or pure relaxation.

25 minutes £20

55 minutes £30

Leg & Foot Massage

This treatment concentrates on the major muscle groups of the legs and the feet, whether you wish to soothe tensions, relieve aches and pains or for pure relaxation, indulged in this luxurious lower body treatment.

25 minutes £20

55 minutes £30

Pregnancy Massage

Full Body treatment specially tailored for women during pregnancy. Suitable from 12 weeks onwards.

55 minutes £35

25 minutes £25



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General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

The Carlton Institute

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